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Cameron Park Dentist Office

Are you thinking about orthodontic treatment but concerned about the look of appliances on your teeth? With ClearCorrect® orthodontic treatment, there’s no need to concern yourself with appearances. Using this system of care, patients can align their teeth and bite without anyone but themselves aware they are wearing braces. At the office of John F. Adams DDS & Nathan J. Adams DDS, our skilled dentists offer a sweeping range of advanced dental services to bring out the best in your smile. If you’re interested in discreet orthodontic treatment to improve the alignment of your smile, we invite you to schedule a consultation to discuss ClearCorrect aligners.  Our friendly staff will work with you to find the best time for your visit.

Cameron Park Dentist Office

Thanks to advances in dental technology, our Cameron Park dentist office can make a range of treatments more convenient, comfortable and inconspicuous than ever before. An excellent case in point is orthodontic treatment with ClearCorrect aligners. Treatment begins by taking diagnostic records of your smile, which are then analyzed to determine the best course of care. Working in partnership with the ClearCorrect laboratory, we’ll design a sequence of aligners that will correct your malocclusion based on the exact specifications of your case. Your treatment is provided with a series of clear, BPA-free plastic aligners, which are each worn for approximately two weeks before being replaced by the next aligner in the sequence. Custom-contoured to the ridges and rises of your smile, each set of aligners is smooth to the touch and designed to be virtually invisible when worn. As you progress through the treatment series, your teeth are incrementally moved closer and closer to their correct positions. Apart from their lightweight, ergonomic design, ClearCorrect aligners are completely removeable for short periods of time, so that you can continue to brush, floss and enjoy your favorite foods just like before!

If you’re considering orthodontic treatment and would like to maintain your professional appearance, get in touch with our Cameron Park dentist office to discover if ClearCorrect is right for you! To get started, call our friendly staff today!

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